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Dutch Oven Super-sized

24 Quarts/6 gallons

Pure Cast Iron

Extra Large Dutch oven


Well-distributed heat and a generous six-gallon capacity make this extra-large foundry-cast Dutch oven an incredibly useful cooking tool. The round oven has a deep lid on which coals can be piled to create the even, perfect heating that makes this type of cookware so versatile and easy. This extra-large oven holds 24 quarts and measures 8.5 inches tall and 20 inches wide. The lid is equipped with a central handle, and an arched, free-moving pot handle runs from one side of the rim to the other to heft the pot's 63-pound weight.

Dutch ovens, widely considered a ranch-kitchen cowboy classic, are popular for campfire cooking because even simple recipes can be easily made with delicious roasted flavor. In addition to the practical benefits of this easy method, any food that you're planning to cook outdoors for consumption in a ritual meal will benefit from being baked, boiled, or roasted in a cast-iron Dutch oven; iron cauldrons and other wares are traditionally used for magickal preparations throughout European and African folkways.

Made from pure cast iron with no pot-metal additives are molded, finished, polished, and oil-seasoned by hand. Each item is food-safe and can be used for cooking, burning incense or candles, holding coarse-ground spices or herbs, or an endless array of other uses.

Dutch Oven
Height: 8.5"
Width: 20”
Capacity: 24 quarts

Weight: 63 lbs




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